All Things Fall

British poet, Philip Larkin said it well, especially in these parts, “Autumn has caught us in our summer wear.” This couldn’t be more true here in Richmond Hill– I’m in shorts and flip-flops today, how about you? But, tonight at 9:04 pm, the fall equinox will arrive and autumn will officially begin. We have a reprieve from sweltering temps to look forward to amongst the many traditions and gatherings filling our calendars during this season. From football games and tailgates to festivals and festivities, this time of year is always full of excitement and really great food like these delicious recipes by @justtryingrecipes

From our team to you and yours, Happy Fall!

Irreverent Art
An interview with Hubert Keller, Junk Art Master

Taking a tour of the art Hubert Keller made with his own hands is much like going to a museum. Plenty of questions came to mind as we began the interview. Read more

The History of The Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival

n 1985, the inaugural Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival was held on the grounds of the Bryan County Fisherman’s Co-op. Hosted by the Richmond Hill/Bryan County Chamber of Commerce Read more

13th Annual Kid’s Crabbing Tournament

Our waterways carve our customs and salt our souls. Crabbing along our banks can be traced back to the Guale tribe of Native Americans

Keeping Up with Paul Downs

Local artist Paul Downs appears to be everywhere. You’ve seen his skilled work at Ways Station Coffee, Anderson Mercantile

Heroes Save

Down old dirt trails on both ends of Bryan County, animal control officers are tired

Build the Hill

“We are stacking days. First block, second block

Remembering Eric Hartley

Like an abstract painting, the composition of Eric Hartley’s black and white photography

Plenty Happened Here

The Richmond Hill Historical Society’s mission is to preserve the history of Bryan Neck

Meet the Breakfast Club

As the slow march of time changes both the landscape and tenor of this once-sleepy village


Merriam-Webster says a vacation spent at home or nearby is a staycation!

In The Crowd
There’s always something to do in Richmond Hill.
Was YOUR FACE in the crowd?

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