We’re Living It… One Story at a Time


Once in a lifetime is a powerful statement. 3.13.24, March 13, 2024—the day that matched our zip code in Richmond Hill—was one of those once in a lifetime happenings that could not pass by without celebration. That day became a catalyst for appreciating our lifestyle here in The Hill…

Over the past two decades, our community magazine has been at the heart of Richmond Hill, weaving the rich tapestry that showcases the essence of our beloved town. From the vibrant beauty of our coast to the green spaces that host annual festivals, we’ve captured it all. Our pages have become a mirror reflecting the soul of Richmond Hill, chronicling the stories of its people, its places, and its profound history. Each issue is a testament to the spirit of the community, celebrating the successes, embracing the challenges, and looking forward to the future with optimism and pride.

As we reflect on almost 20 years of storytelling, it’s clear that our magazine has done more than just report news; it has fostered a sense of belonging among residents. By highlighting local heroes, uncovering hidden gems, and commemorating our shared history, we’ve built bridges between past and present, young and old, newcomers and long-time residents. Our magazine stands as a beacon of community pride, inspiring us to continue nurturing the bonds that connect us. Here’s to Richmond Hill, and to the stories that will fill our pages in the years to come, after all, We Are  It, One Story at a Time!

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