Heroes Save
Bryan Animal League


Down old dirt trails on both ends of Bryan County, animal control officers are tired, and weary homeless hearts are waiting for heroes.

Bryan County is booming; the shelters aren’t adequate, and they need our help. Enter Bryan Animal League, born from a desperate plea from animal control.

Our vision: We hold that all life is sacred and that humanity is accountable for advocating, protecting, and providing for the welfare of domesticated animals with compassion and mercy.

Our mission: To improve Bryan County Animal Shelters by financial and volunteer support that will enable them to provide every neglected, abandoned, abused, and homeless animal a chance at life.

Heroes save. They rescue from roadsides, pull and transport from kill shelters, and the volunteers with Bryan Animal League give time and treasure for the least among us waiting in the shelters down those lonely dirt trails. Heroes needed.

Join us next Saturday, October 8 for the Pawtoberfest at The Bryan County Bark Park to help raise awareness and funding for our growing homeless animal issues and to help them find their forever homes!

To volunteer your time or to learn more, please contact Bryan Animal League by clicking here.

The Bryan Animal League has set up two easy ways to donate by using Venmo or PayPal. See below: