From the Publisher

Love of local. When you think about it, the act of loving local is actually a lifestyle, a commitment to friends and neighbors of sorts, to be there in support of their dream because you want to, not because you have to.

I personally want to be home. Im perfectly content here. Home, not in the literal sense, but more in the figurative sense. I don’t mind that I cannot shop at big brand stores or that I eat at the same places multiple times a month. We might be the fastest growing community in the state, but I still feel its quaintness. There are probably more people who aren’t technically from here, than those who are these days, but the feeling of loving local is alive and well. It’s an easy lesson to teach and to learn— we hear all the time that people love Richmond Hill for its hometown feel. What’s not to love about the restaurants and shops that are the creative ingenuity of the people who opened them? They are special, unique in their offerings, character and vibe—there is not one that mimics another. Most are uniquely ours.

This issue is centered around this love. Artist Jack Wilson who captures the Lowcountry in his paintings, Angus McLeod shares why he thinks our community has been the fastest growing in the state, attributing much to the natural amenities available to residents. Tales of groups working together to create engaging atmospheres like the brand new Farmers Market or the Coastal Bryan Tree Foundation. Kathryn Johnson shares a story about Caesarstone and their new local stone sourcing program— which thematically represents my thought above— teaching and learning what it means to love local, is alive and well here. Spring is here, tis the season for fishing and enjoying the outdoors. Jessi Hampton put together three redfish dishes that are absolutely mouthwatering.

It will only be a few more weeks until summer break. We will be sharing ideas for those last minute easy staycations in our next issue for those like me who like being home.

As always, I’ll end by asking you to please share your love of local. Shop and dine with your neighbors and friends, use their services when you are in need. Please remember to thank our advertisers. Reflections Lifestyle Magazine is made possible by their continued support.

Here’s to living the local lifestyle!