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WORDS BY Paige Glazer PHOTOS BY Hixson Photography

Corey Adamski Achieves Guinness World Record

Whether it be the search for adrenaline, knowledge, or finding one’s limits, Guinness World Records Day (November 18) is the day for record breaking.

It all started over sixty years ago when Sir Hugh Beaver, the managing director of Guinness Brewery, attended a shooting party in County Wexford. He, and the hosts of the event, argued about the speediest game birds and unfortunately found no references or ways to back up their claims. Recalling the event some years later, Beaver invited fact-finding researchers and twin brothers, Norris and Ross McWhiter, to compile a book of facts and figures, in an attempt to settle those every day pub arguments like the one at the shoot!

Fast forward 66 years, there are some 58,000 “facts and figures” recorded in more than 40 languages, in over 100 countries, annually compiled in the official database of the Guinness World Records. The brand is recognized in households everywhere and 147 million books have been sold to date. In 2004, the world-renowned publication celebrated becoming the best-selling book of all time. The annual achievement titles have thousands of records and literally 80 percent of them are updated or replaced annually.

This past November, on Guiness World Record Day, Corey Adamski, senior track star at Richmond Hill High School, passed the standing world record for juggling while running 400 meters backwards—no ball drops, no stops, and yes, you read that correctly, running backwards! The one minute and forty-eight second record to beat was set by Christian Roberto Lopez Rodriguez in Toledo, Spain. Corey Adamski would beat the record by eight seconds.

“One day, I was watching videos of people breaking records on YouTube,” says Corey when I asked him how he decided to make breaking a world record a goal. “At first I thought, ‘normal people like me don’t break records,’ and the more I researched, I decided I was wrong. I was in the 9th grade when I learned to juggle, but I started running track in the 6th grade, so I started researching the combination.” To satisfy your curiosity, 336 million viewers watched similar content on YouTube last year.

Corey found the existing records on file at Guinness that combined running and juggling. In fact, the incumbent held many titles in and around the two influences. Corey decided to marry his two talents, as he was certain the outcome would be a success. “I went to the track to train specifically for the event,” he says. “I practiced and became pretty good, actually. It wasn’t too hard to put the two together for me, but I had to be sure before bringing all of the necessary pieces together.” The application, submission, and approval processes to even be considered by Guinness World Records is extensive. You can read all about the process online. 16 weeks passed by before Corey knew if he’d been chosen to even attempt to officially break Rodriguez’s record.

Corey unofficially broke the existing record over 30 times before his official recorded attempt was made. With over 100 people watching on November 18, 2020, Corey ran the track—like he does every day—except this time, with the world as his potential spectator and admirer. Two timekeepers, two independent witnesses (both whom had to be complete strangers), multiple cameras (both video and stills), his father on a bike with a GoPro, and once they saw what was happening, the entire RHHS Football Team, all watching his attempt.

The required evidence was packaged and submitted and roughly 16 weeks later, Corey Adamski was named the record winner for his backward run with three juggling balls in air for 400 meters! He will be published in the 2022 Guinness World Record book, but you can already find his record online! No one knows when he might have to defend his title, but there is no doubt he will be ready—after all, his 400-meter dash the normal way is a quick 55.56 seconds!

Corey will graduate in May of this year. He plans to study Aerospace Engineering in college with hopes of later working in the defense industry.

Congratulations Corey, we have no doubt that your future goals will result in the ultimate achievement! And, best of luck to the entire Class of 2021, may you all be Officially Amazing.