Pancakes and Pajamas


With much anticipation Christmas will arrive faster than we can imagine! The Elf on the Shelf will arrive, trees will go up, stockings will be hung, parades will take place, eating will increase and shopping will become either fun or stressful!

The reason for the season always calls for great parties, and there are limitless ways to celebrate with friends and family. Tacky Sweaters, White Elephant Present Exchanges and Cookie Swaps, Church Services, Breakfast, Brunch, and Dinner Parties… Each year on Christmas Eve, our family celebrates with an evening get-together just after church services. The party always begins in our Christmas outfits— you know, those you color coordinate for the siblings— and ends with the kids opening presents in their Christmas pajamas. You can Pinterest a million different ideas for Christmas parties, but we hope you enjoy this rendition of Pancakes and Pajamas!

Like any other party, this one started off with a cute invitation. While the end result was adorable, the path getting to it was not difficult. Simple items that you make on a regular basis, such as pancakes, can be turned into creative and photogenic finger foods— consider making everything miniature for little kids.

We used the simplicity of a candy cane for inspiration, coordinating the invitation and all of the decor around the red and white color scheme.

The Invitation— use an online invitation source, social media or printed invites to give your guests the details for the party.

Mini Assorted Pancakes

Using different flavors, chocolate morels, peanut butter morsels, or even cake sprinkles, mix batter and cook mini pancakes. We used decorative toothpicks to hold the stacks together. Make the stacks as large or small and short or tall as you see fit!

Buttermilk Biscuit Bites— Make small biscuits and stack egg, ham, cheese, and maybe add the bacon for adorable and protein-filled pops.

Santa Hats

Every breakfast menu needs powdered donuts and some kind of fruit. Stacking a small powdered doughnut and a strawberry, and topping with a marshmallow creates an adorable snack, perfect for our theme. Tip: use a toothpick to hold the items together.

Cereal Bar

Your choice of milk: strawberry, chocolate or plain! The kids love the colorful and fun cereal! Consider adding other toppings, like fresh fruit and candy for fun.

Waffle and Syrup Shots

Simply toast miniature Eggo Waffles, cut a slit and stick on the side of a plain shot glass. Fill the glass with syrup for dipping. Looks elegant for Eggo!

Decorations- paper straws come in many different color schemes and add a nice variation in height for your table. Using inexpensive chargers, set your table with pops of color. Use a pattern that coordinates for your plates and napkins and choose a creative way to set your silverware (or plasticware, if your last name is Glazer!).