Unlocking Fun
with a Library Card



Fax machines, CD’s, pen and paper… We’ve branded these things relics of a pre-technology age. What about reading books? What do you think about when you hear the word library? A stern librarian shushing you, shelves of books and magazines with plastic covers… Do you pass up going to the library because you think, dare I say it, it’s a relic of the past, too? You may have incorrectly judged that book by its cover.

On March 23, the Senate Appropriations Committee released the FY23 budget which included $2,000,000 for the Richmond Hill Library! I for one could not be more excited about this expansion and what it means for our community. And, perhaps the facelift will bring more attention to the incredible services provided by the library system. Samantha Moose, local library branch manager, says the team is gearing up for many additions and renovations including adding study rooms, collaboration spaces, dedicated activity areas for children and young adults, as well as easier access for picking up and returning borrowed items. Samantha proudly reports that many of the proposed changes came right from the minds of community residents and leaders. While the timetable of completion is still not set in stone, it is on its way, finally!

As an avid reader, I frequent the library often. To me it’s a sacred space for book lovers. A library card is free with a current Georgia ID. In house, you can borrow regular and audiobooks, movies, and even purchase books from a collection maintained by the Friends of the Library. I’ve done a deep dive on all the library has to offer and I’ve learned some things I didn’t know. That little card opens up so many doors of opportunity for you and your family and it goes far beyond traditional book borrowing.

If you are a digital reader, the card unlocks access to thousands of digital titles through the reading app Libby. Samantha says Libby is comparable to Audible and is easy to set up: download the app, sign in through your library access, and start borrowing digital content for FREE. Libby includes eBooks, audiobooks and magazines, and thousands of titles are available for immediate download. In my personal pursuit for great reading, I search the shelves first, sometimes my quest requires the PINES library network. A simple search in the PINES database for the title most often leads to your book being sent to our library. You can also renew a title online through PINES.

There are many perks and services offered with your library card. Access to Americas News database of current digital newspapers and 40+ yers of digital archives, a computer lab with internet access, for Armed Services members, they have CAC reader capabilities for DOD access; for the wee ones, there are early literary stations available that offer interactive learning games on a variety of subjects. The library also offers outreach services to those with physical disabilities and they are happy to provide delivery/mail services when needed. Copying and printing services, reasonably priced meeting rooms, and a plethora of great classes and clubs that you can access in person or virtually— craft classes, weekly story time for the kids, journaling, book clubs and genealogy research, just to name just a few. Thinking of learning a foreign language? Galileo has online instruction similar to expensive language programs. Just a call to the library to set up a password, and you can begin today.

In saving one of the best for last, your library card opens the door to free parking at all of Georgia’s state parks and historic sites, as well as the Historic Site Family Pass that allows two (2) free admissions into any of Georgia’s historic sites. Passes are first come, first served and must be borrowed in advance. With over 60 adventures waiting, this perk is outstanding. Thinking of going to Zoo Atlanta? The library has a program for that, too, offering a family of three free passes.

I wish I could detail every feature unlocked with your library card. As we cheerfully anticipate the much awaited renovation, keep your eyes and ears open for updates.

Editor’s Note: Contributions towards renovation funding are graciously accepted at the local branch. Visit Samantha and tell her we sent you!